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Characteristics and instructions for .csv generator to be used in combination with our 16 X 16 HIGHDYN Matrix Sensor Evaluation Kit.


1. values are transferred to the file before interpolation, so the file shows the raw data from the sensor.
2. the matrix of values of the .csv file will have the same orientation of the image on the screen.



1. Download Arduino IDE from http://arduino.cc and Processing IDE from https://processing.org/. Install the drivers for the Arduino.

2. On the Arduino IDE go on 'Tools' and 'Port'. Check which serial port has been assigned to Arduino Mega 2560. If you read the following:

[5] "COM23" (Arduino Mega or Mega 2560)

The number you are looking for is 5.

3. Copy and paste the Processing sketch into the Processing IDE.

4. In the Processing sketch find this line: myPort = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 38400);

5. Enter, between the square brackets, the same number associated to the serial port where Arduino is transmitting.


On the Arduino IDE you read: Arduino Mega 2560 connected on COM23 and COM23 is the fifth from the top (start counting from 0), then enter 5 in the square brackets.
Replace 5 with 3 in this line of the Processing sketch: myPort = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[5], 38400);

Run the processing sketch again and everything should work fine.


1. open the skecth with Processing
2. to generate the file click on the sensor matrix image on the screen
3. it will be generated a .cvs file that can be opened with Excel.
4. file will be saved in Processing folder with name 'values.csv'
5.IMPORTANT before saving a new file you'll need to close the old one



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